Take advantage of our car painting services based in Bozeman, MT

After a few years on the road, your vehicle's paint job may be chipped, scratched or damaged in a minor accident. You can ignore these issues, but your vehicle will look much better with them repaired. That's why many residents of Bozeman, MT and the surrounding areas trust Revive Auto Body & Paint. Our shop provides car painting services for vehicles of all types.

Don't ignore those little flaws. Choose our chipped car paint repair service for a speedy restoration.

Get a top-notch auto paint repair at your local shop

Painting a car is more complicated than most people realize. Revive Auto Body & Paint has multiple colors available to ensure a good match. We also use special tools to make sure it's applied properly. Our car painting services include:

  • Cleaning the surface of the car
  • Identifying the damage
  • Sanding the damaged area
  • Cleaning the area with paint thinner
  • Applying the touch-up paint
  • Ensuring the surface is smooth
  • Applying the clear coat
  • Letting the touch-up paint cure
  • Polishing the paint
Whether you need a simple chipped car paint repair or a larger restoration, our crew can do it. Visit our body shop in Bozeman, MT soon.